Juan Emiliano Vargas Campuzano. (Born December the 12th, 1996) better known by his stage name, Emiliano Campuzano is a Mexican author, singer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, marketer and cinematographer. He made his artistic debut on 2016 when his first novel, Cielo por tu Luz got published.

Early Life Edit

Emiliano was born in Mexico City in December the 12th 1996 and was raised briefly in Toronto, Canada and then in the city of Toluca in Mexico. He is the first child of the Vargas Campuzano household, his parents are Ana Laura Campuzano and Juan Miguel Vargas, both lawyers. He has both Mexican and Spanish ancestry, as well as a little Lebanese.

He enrolled many music classes as early as the age of seven years old, learning to play piano, bass, guitar and singing; he developed his love for music really young. Also he started to write short stories while at junior high school.

Music Career Edit

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Emiliano started his real career when in 2009, he formed a band with his friends and won 4th place on Ciclon Interescolar, a National Art Contest. After that, he recorded demos with the producer Luisuc Uribe and presented the demos under the name of Jonas Rouge.

Later on, in 2012 with Erick Flores and Rene Fabela, his lifetime friends, he started the band Desacordes, where they recorded a promotional self-titled EP. Their song "No Te Vuelvo a Molestar" landed on #9 on Local Radio and they gave a small tour opening for bands such as Motel and Technicolor Fabrics. 

Emiliano campuzano jonas rouge
In 2015, Desacordes separate and he starts his solo career under the name of Emiliano Campuzano, in this period he released songs such as Siempre Juntos and Irreal that landed on #9 and #8 places of Local Radio in the city of Toluca Mexico.

In 2016, Emiliano enrolls in the Berklee College of Music on an online studies for music production and starts another band, PBP; with Ralph Iturbe and Ricardo Noguez, also with the voice of theatre actress and singer Hannie Lagunas. The band presented a single but didn't get any recognition on radio whatsoever. The band separated in May and Emiliano presented his debut album "Si Supieras" on Digital Retailers and his song "Dejalo Asi" gained quick recognition in local radio. He is yet to present a video on that album.

In December 2016, Emiliano announced he is working on a new album, titled X/X/X in reference to the city of Amsterdam.

Author Career Edit

Cielo por tu Luz
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Emiliano started to write early in his life but did not start any serious attempt of formalizing until 2013, when he started to write Cielo por tu Luz, his debut novel. For personal reasons, he finished the novel until 2015 and signed a publishing deal with Nova Casa Editorial, Barcelona in October that same month. Since then, Cielo por tu Luz has become a best seller in many stores in Latin America and Spain and it has grown a following of its own.

He has finished two more novels to the moment; Preguntas Frecuentes (Frequently Asked Questions) and A Donde las Cosas Hermosas Van a Morir (Where All Beautiful Things Go To Die), the details on the publication of these has remained undisclosed.


  • He is 5.9 ft. tall.
  • He signed a deal with an undisclosed publisher to translate Cielo por tu Luz, the name will be All Our Little Sparks.
  • He is brother of the DJ "My Head Will Go Far"
  • He has a tattoo.
  • He is engaged to his girlfriend, Nadine.


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